"There are birds in the sky."

Translation:आसमान में पक्षी है ।

July 19, 2018



The form of the verb होना should be हैं not है since the subject, पक्षी, is plural.

July 19, 2018


Non-native broken hindi speaker here. Totally agree it should be a हैं.

In addition, why is it not पक्षियों ? This would make the sentence: "आसमान में पक्षियों हैं". Is there anything wrong with that? Is पक्षी also a plural?

July 26, 2018


Agree, hain. (Psst DL team... there's no button for us to tell you about this - it's missing on many sentences. That's why people are writing about sentence mistakes here instead of telling you straight up, just in case you didn't know.)

July 21, 2018
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