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  5. "मेरे घर के पास एक तालाब है।"

"मेरे घर के पास एक तालाब है।"

Translation:There is a pond near my home.

July 19, 2018



Would "My home is near a pond" also be correct?


"घर" can be house or home: both should be accepted.


Close to my house, close to my home, near, close by, etc should work. BTW, I'd rather identify मेरे यहां with my home, the place I live, and मेरा घर with my house. I guess it's fine anyway, but it would be nice to introduce मेरे यहां at some point.


I think "My house has a pond" should also be correct.


No. I can see how this particular postposition is causing a lot of confusion but I guess you'll have to learn through trial and error.

My house has a pond will be translated as - मेरे घर में एक तालाब है।

पास होना can mean different things in different situations. Especially important if the subject is living or inanimate.

मेरे पास एक कार है - I have a car.
कार के पास बिल्ली है - A cat is near the car
कार में पहिए हैं - The car has wheels

So as you can see, Has/have doesn't exactly translate to पास होना.


And in English, there is no meaningful difference between "A cat is near the car" and "The car has a cat near it" so for a new Hindi learner, it is easier to learn a consistent definition and sentence structure.


How do I say 'There is a pond in my home' in Hindi? मेरे घर में एक तालाब है


jose please take it as correct... it has no problem here... just you are mixing various things here...


Why is "my home is near a pond" not being accepted?


That would be मेरा घर एक तलाब के पास है


Why "my house has a pond near it" is marked wrong??


Why not "My home is near a pond?


My answer same he par incorrect kyon he


Why : my house is near a pond is marked wrong?


More sensible from the Hindi to say my home is near a pond, which is what it actually says.

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