"He is Peter."

Translation:वह पीटर है।

July 19, 2018

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To build a full sentence out of hindi words is way beyond what I can at this stage. I am still struggling with the letters and i have not yet learned to build a word out of them. I have absolutley no clue on this sentence. It seems like there should be some more chapters focusing on letters, also focusing on learning them with and without the audio.

OR, if i could listen to these words one by one maybe it would be easier to build a sentence.


There are now Tips and Notes on Basics 1 & 2

Hindi is a SOV language. The order is:

वह = he पीटर = Peter है = is

Apparently, you haven't given up yet, nor should others. It is quite simple if you've got this far.


Tips would be fantastic but I still do not see any tips in the Android app


Mujhe English samajh nahi aati


I'm finding it easier to try to think of this as learning like a child. They have no idea what they're looking at, they just keep trying until something sticks. I found the individual letters harder than whole words. I guess because coming from my alphabet the letters have no context - no reference point to "look like" anything I can recognize, but at least with whole words I can imagine a little more clearly. At least that's what works for me. I'm still struggling, though. Good luck!


I agree. But learning a language is always the same here on duolingo- you need to have some other resources to learn from besides duolingo.


Agreed. More letters and making words out of the letters before moving to sentences

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    I totally agree with you. I understand conversational hindi so its easier for me to undersyand the sentence structure, but i will i could play with spelling first before I build sentences


    This is a great site if you need some extra explanations! :)



    You just have to practice the letters modules more. After all, learning a new way of writing is not going to be easy.


    I wish there could be a begining lesson with just one word at a time. I am struggling to see which letters are included in each word. I wasn't even sure if the language is read left to right, and I had no idea what the word devangari meant. That said, I am eager to attempt the duolingo Hindi course. But from the comments here, it appears that first i have to go do some independant study.


    What I did was read the tips and notes for the alphabet skills (notes are on desktop if not on mobile), then I made each skill gold. After that, I got to level two on this skill. Then, I took a break to practice other languages. I came back and relearned forgotten letters, and left again. Now I'm back, I relearned letters again, and this skill is easy to me now! Don't know how long ago you posted this since I'm on mobile, so I hope you've moved on to higher skills!


    what is the difference between vaha and yaha talking about he or she. does its matter which one you use?


    The difference between vaha and yaha is of distance.

    Vaha means that and yaha means this

    Both also mean he, she and it.


    So there are not specific words for he, she, it?

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      Yes there is no gender specific word . For every gender you can use यह वह


      Flora, Indian people get confused when you use academic transcription. When you say vaha (वह, he/she), Indians read वहाँ (wahã/wahaan, there). Similarly, writing yaha (यह, this, he/she over here) would be interpreted as yahã/yahaan (यहाँ, here). The situation is so bad that nobody here understood your question. So, follow the casual transcription standards and drop the ending a when it's not an aa (ā/आ).


      Sorry, my bad. I think Hinjaku did understand you.


      It would really help to have the ability to play the audio for these sentences in such questions. I think that would help me better link the sounds to the letters and words.


      Before getting started here,learn hindi alphabets in youtube. Then it'll be much easier to start learning here.


      yes i started learning the devanagari scrip off of youtube. i Find it much easier to write the letters down one by one (vowels and consonants) and having someone eplain it to me along the way. One tip from me is to get notebooks and practice writing the letters down just like we all did in kindergarten with the english alphabet.

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      I wish they would also give the transliteration in the tool tips.


      The order is so hard


      Hindi works in the SUBJECT-OBJECT-VERB order just like Korean. वह = that पीटर = Peter है = is Simple.


      But 'that' (वह) here is refering to Peter this is why the word 'he' has beem used.


      I will suggest Sonia Taneja's basic Hindi for beginners. Learning a language takes time and diligence. I'm an African, Hindi is not a language spoken here which makes it more difficult to get their accent.


      Mentioned as peter not that peter


      वह पीटर है।


      Why is वह /wuh/ moronically pronounced as /wo/? Who is the idiot who nasalised every sound recording and pronounces ड़ as ल and ढै as धई? Honestly, this is a disgusting Hindi course.


      I find it easy to read the words but if you look at it i don't think it is easy

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        In Hindi language: Subject+ object + verb And For' I' letter मै
        मैंने मुजकों मुझसे मेरे मेरा/मेरी


        Best language learning app


        How do you know how to write a name? My name is Lisa, do I say मैं लिसा हूँ or मैं लीसा हूँ?


        As a native hindi speaker, the third option is more reliable


        लीसा = leesa/līsā लिसा would be wrong because of the short i sound


        I am from India and i know hindi but i want learn some more


        You just repeat the sentence it's so boring


        वह means that right..or both he and that


        Please give me a story


        I don't know English


        I don't know English

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