"चूहा काला होता है ।"

Translation:A rat is black.

July 19, 2018

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What is the difference in meanings between चूहा काला होता है । and चूहा काला है । ?


You can say "a" in Hindi; it's "ek" and it means "one." Though often, Hindi speakers omit that.

If you say "चूहा काला होता है" it means "a rat is black." As in, rats are black, generally. It's the habitual; rats have a habit of being black. Take a rat - it's black.

" चूहा काला है " can either mean "the rat is black" or "a rat is black." If it means the second, it means "a certain rat is black."

होता can't be translated, but its presence means "can be" or "usually" or something like that. Just think of it as a way to generalize.

You typically wouldn't use it in a sentence like here though; you would say "rats are black" if you were talking about all rats. But if you are using it with a singular it is synonymous with "a rat is black."

Source: grew up with a Hindi speaking Nepali nanny.


Thanks for this explanation.

In American English, the meaning of "A rat is black" is a single rat is black. We would say, "Rats are black" or "A rat is usually black" for what I assume is the same concept as "चूहा काला होता है".


Thanks for these explanations! धन्यवाद!


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Why is एक not included in the sentence?


See comments above with a perfect explanation


Rat is a black what is different please explain me


No,it is not different but we should write what is there


The word usually should be added to English translation in sentences wherever होता comes.


What is difference a rat is black and a rat is black

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