"दो चाकू और चार चम्मचें"

Translation:Two knives and four spoons

July 19, 2018

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im a native speaker (and why am i here lol) and ive never in my life used or heard the word "cammacein / चम्मचें"


I am also a native speaker and never heard the word जम्मचें


Cammac is a masculine noun. You don't pluralise masculine nouns with -eñ. The plural of cammac is cammac.


Let me tell you as a native speakee. चम्मच और चम्मचें both are correct. The both are used in daily life.


Sorry, wrong comment. LOL I had to edit.

When you see these mistakes, please report them. This is why beta exists, to find these quirks and get them corrected.


Sometimes all options are not available while reporting. Duolingo should make some edits to the UI.


I see that this is more than a year ago. The mistake is still there. Will it be removed soon?


I thought चम्मच was masculine, so wouldn't the plural also be "चम्मच"? Am I missing something?


You are correct. The word is used wrongly here. Do report it the next time you see it


Thanks for the confirmation, will do!


Yes rightly brought out that, Chammach being a Masculine the plural should be the same. As a rule and mostly that is the accepted phrasing, like a few native speakers did mention.... however as one native speaker did point out.... chammachein is also used in places and certain contexts. Would attribute it to the colloquial use of language.

Drawing an analogy, can say it is like the word Fish, whose plural is also Fish but Fishes is also used in certain contexts..


Plural of चम्मच should be चम्मच

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