"वह संतरे खाती थी।"

Translation:She used to eat oranges.

July 19, 2018

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I'm a little confused why this doesn't mean 'She ate oranges'? What about this sentence makes it 'used to eat'?

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    The 'ti' in 'khati" indicates a habit. The last word 'thi' means this is in the past. I've been studying Hindi for a LONG time but I'm not native so take my Hindi with a grain of namak.


    Thanks for this clarification. Just what I was looking for.


    खाती थी is what makes it mean used to eat. It tells that she used to do the activity in the past.

    to say she ate oranges, i think you would say "उसने संतरे खाये"


    That is correct!


    Why is it "usne" and not "vaha"


    @Maheshwara - that's the way a one-time action in the past is denoted in Hindi.

    Somewhat, but not exactly, similar to the difference between "She ate" and "She used to eat". Why do you say 'she used to..' to denote habit and not just plain 'she'? That's kind of the difference in Hindi here.


    Yes, very very very exelent you are, you are very very very correctly, and one more thing,

    i like past very much It is good

    It is very easily to do

    I will always correct in past

    Somebody os saying that thhe past is very hard

    It giving hard questions


    How will you say “she ate an orange”


    उसने एक संतरा खाया।

    Or simply उसने संतरा खाया। because संतरा is singular, एक (an / one) is already implied by context.


    Is it incorrect to say "she was eating oranges"?


    @lwinters: That would be "वह संतरे खा रही थी"


    Only "used to eat" is usually derived from the context


    but in English "used to ..." is used for an action that was in the past but which is not now. So now she doesn't eat oranges? Otherwise just a "she ate oranges". Or I'm wrong? Why is here used everywhere to express the past tense "used to..."


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    Hi, it would not be better to teach the simple past tense first, please? I mean, we might get confused a bit :) However thank you for your teaching us.

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