"good old love"

Translation:stará dobrá láska

July 19, 2018

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Is there a recommended order of adjectives in Czech language? Is dobrá nová láska exactly the same as nová dobrá láska in therms of usage?


No, it is not the same. But I am not sure it is not too early for this topic. I would just note tat the preference here differs between English and Czech and that the rules work differently. I don't even know the correct grammar term in English, but in Czech it is "přívlastek postupně rozvíjející". Try to look into https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ludmila_Veselovska/publication/264402820_Adjective_Hierarchy/links/53db90b20cf2cfac9928f0c6/Adjective-Hierarchy.pdf


Thank you (and all the other mods) for these great tips and resources, they're much appreciated!


Shouldn't the order like 'old good love' also accepted?


Possibly it could be, since that's the literal translation of the Czech sentence shown as the main translation here. But that definitely sounds odd in English, since the idiomatic phrase is "good old love." You might report it, if you get this again. It might become an accepted alternative.


Why is the word order different for the English equivalent? "Good old" versus "stará dobrá"; old Duo is usually pretty merciless about those kind of details.


Because those are the usual orders used in these languages. They happen to be different.


Maybe because they are different languages?

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