Grammar skills in the Spanish tree?

All of the "new" skills added from the tree update were already behind me in my progress, and so I'm now approaching the end of the tree. (Although that really means the 2nd half of the tree if you don't count all the just-added skills)

I see that there's less vocab and more grammar (such as the various verb tenses and what not). But conspicuously missing are the Indicative Imperfect and the Subjunctive Present. Aren't these quite commonly used in everyday conversation, or at least more so than some of the other tenses in the lessons?

It would at least seem logical that you learn the Indicative Imperfect before learning Past Perfect since you need those forms of haber.

Is there a reasoning behind this, or are they there and I just don't recognize the names?

4 months ago

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I can see Subjunctive present on the 5th row from the bottom (Subj/Imper) and Indicative Imperfect on the 3rd row from the bottom (Past Imp.)

4 months ago
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I'm curious which tenses you think are not common. Some verb tenses might not be common everywhere, but they are all used somewhere.

The imperfect and subjunctive skills are located towards the end of the tree. The imperfect is named Past Imp. I'm working on that now. There are also two subjunctive skills: Subj/Imp which unfortunately has more imperative than subjunctive and Subj. Past.

I can see your point about needing the imperfect form of haber for past perfect. However, the imperfect is much more difficult overall than past perfect. Most people have a lot of trouble understanding the difference between preterite and imperfect and which to use when. Nor, do they always understand which of the several possible translations for the imperfect in Spanish would be best in English for a particular context. It's placed later because it's more challenging.

The subjunctive is later in the tree for the same reason. In subjunctive past, many people complain that they are being tortured.

4 months ago
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