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  5. "राज एक आदमी है।"

"राज एक आदमी है।"

Translation:Raj is a man.

July 19, 2018



Getting some use out of duo Turkish here ("adam" = man) -- is ādamī a Turkish loan, or did they both get it from Persian?


it is originally Arabic, it means man, human or originating from Adam.


Yes, it's from Arabic, but though Persian.

Borrowed from Persian آدمی‎ (âdami), from Arabic آدَمِيّ‎ (ʾādamiyy, “human”), from آدَم‎ (ʾādam, “Adam”), from Proto-Semitic *ʾadm-.

In Arabic, Adam only means the name of the prophet, in Hebrew, it means "red". אדם, or from Akkadian adamu meaning "to make", or from the color of the red clay used by God to make the first man.


I would have thought it came from Atman.


Yes, the biblical name "Adam" is similar to a Hebrew word for "earth, soil". The biblical name "Eve" is similar to a Hebrew word for "life". It says so in at least one edition of the Bible.


Merhaba! I would say it was derived from Persian. That's just my guess.


Yes, it's true, it's from Persian, but Persian is not a semitic language, and it's a semitic root here, Persia borrowed it to Arabic.


As a matter of fact, there are a lot of words in hindi that are derived from persian and urdu. One of the main causes for this to happen would be the muslim influence over India when they were the rulers of the early Indian subcontinent.


But you should be careful with the pronounciation. Don't use turkish accent in hindi but i got to know that there are several hindi words in turkish language but a little pronounciation difference, otherwise meanings are same


I should we translate my laughwase


Hello I am a new learner, and I do not understand the syntax of this sentence.


Structure of Hindi sentence is SOV. Here Raj is a subject. (It is a name of male person). "Hai" is a third person singular form means ' is'.


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Why does है sound like "heh"? Shouldn't it sound like "hi"?


It doesn't sound like "hee" for me. I guess it depends what is your mother tongue. It really sounded like the French è for me.


Its actually "hai" or "hæ"


It's the fifth time that I'm reading this sentence again


Does the name Raj mean "secret"?


Raj means Rule, not secret.

Secret means hidden, or chhupa hua.छुपा


No, the meaning of the word 'Raj' comes nowhere near secret .

Raj can mean King , Rule ,etc.

And it can also be a person's name.


Raj is rule(राज) And raaz is secret(राज़) Just letter difference


Yes, it does mean "secret".


Actually there are 2 meanings of raj, one is secret another is to rule...

Mujhe is sahar mein raj karna hain (I have to rule in this city)

Main aj hamare is mulakat ko ek raj rakhna chahta huun(I want to keep our todays meeting a secret).

Hope this clarifies all the common doubts regarding 'Raj'


Ye sentence me bra bar kar rahu lekin wrong kyu bata raha please check sentence


राज एक आदमी है


My answer is right


I have a confusion on this question


Whuwvehevehdvs7svsuevehveud ehe dh dhd djd djd rud dj djd rjd rjebrirbriebdudleuekgdidvd8fgekeudjxgxodhd


Is "guy" really the correct word? Thanks.


"guy" is informal for 'young man' or 'man'.


In my dictionary "guy" is पुरुष (purush).


पुरुष means Male actually.

Guy is informal for many things. Like "come on guys" includes all gender "friends".


its informal for man


The lady speaking is skipping the article (a, or « ek »). Is this normal? In which case should I pronounce ek? Thank you!


Yes. If you don't, the translation will be "Raj is man"


No , even if you dont use the word एक the translation will remain the same.


I wrote "Rāj is a man," but although it was accepted as correct, I was cautioned to "Pay attention to the accents." It seems to me, though, that राज should properly be transcribed with the long-ā vowel.


According to pronunciation, yes, but in my experience people don't use diacritics for Indian names.


Same gave correcf sbswer was marked as not right

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