"Neha's mother has gone to the market."

Translation:नेहा की माँ दुकान गयी है।

July 19, 2018

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I always though दुकान was more 'shop' and बाज़ार was more 'market'. Is this correct?


Yes. Wrong answer given. It should be बाज़ार.


Of course..my mother tongue is hindi and i know well..bazar is real translation of market


Shouldn't this sentence end in हैं rather than है, out of respect for Neha's mother?


The exercise where Aamir's father has gone to America took हैं and it's the same construction, so Neha's mother not getting हैं has to be a mistake.


Isn't it supposed to be हैं? (as a respectful form for mother?)


....बाजार गयी है is a better, more correct and more commonly used expression.

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"dukaan" is a shop, market is "bazaar" or "market"


Why is हैं wrong? Isn't माँ worthy of respect?


Why the “हैं”? Is it even necessary?


Its necessary because the sentence is her mom "has" gone to the market so the “हैं” is important. If it were her mom went to the market then it wouldn't be required.


What's the difference between "has gone" and "went"?

Answer: "has gone" means the subject is not back yet and is still somewhere else, "went" means the subject was somewhere else and has returned.


Not necessarily. Both "Neha's mother has gone" and "Neha's mother went" can be used if she has not yet returned from the market. (Like if Neha's father comes home and says, "Neha, where is your mother?" Neha can respond, "She went to the market" even if mother is not back yet).

The main difference in this sentence is that the present perfect (has gone) is tied to the present moment in time, while the simple past (went) can be independent of the present.

If the sentence said, "Neha's mother went to the market," we wouldn't know if she went 5 minutes ago, this morning, yesterday, or in 1970 (etc.). We'd have no way of knowing without more information. But since it says "has gone," we know that she went very recently.

Please note however that this is just a present perfect vs. simple past explanation. The present perfect has more uses than just this one. For example, experience, as in:

Has Neha's mother ever gone to the market? Yes. Neha's mother has gone to the market.

This doesn't mean she actually went. It's just saying she has gone at least once.

For more formal explanations, I would look up Present Perfect Tense and Present Perfect Tense vs. Simple Past Tense.


Not dhookan should be bazaar


बाजार is bazar or market it is same meaning for example : I am going to market
I am going to bazar This is same meaning they both says about going to buy thing...... So the things is in bazar and market I will this is same meaning.......


I will say this is same meaning but they have different words


Same meaning but different words in hindi and in English


बाज़ार गई सही है


I'm confused whether the answer will be Dukaan or the market in Hindi...


It's not accepting नेहा के माता बाज़ार गये हैं. Why is this not correct?


दुकान is not market

[deactivated user]

    दुकान means a shop while बाजा़र is the more appropriate term and common term for a market.


    What are these people doing? Dukan is shop. Upper makan niche dukan takes on a whole new meaning in Duolingo.


    Why hi in the past tence how about tha




    none of the other sentences have hai in so confused. Also market is bazaar not dukhan

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