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  5. "एक किताब"

"एक किताब"

Translation:A book

July 19, 2018



So the pronunciation of एक is ēkuh? not ēkh!? Why in this case?


I think this is an automated voice error I would say ek kitaab (more of a pause between the words than a vowel)


Yeah, I am pretty sure it is "ek kitaab" because I asked my dad who is fluent in Hindi.


Your dig is very beautyfull


since the following word starts with a consonant, is the final क supposed to have a short a sound after it?


I would imagine it is neither a 'short a', nor an 'uh' sound, but the briefest of glottal stops. Similar to saying 'black candle'..?


I think it's an automated voice error. I wouldn't pronounce a vowel sound


When you see a consonant without vowel I think there are 2 options. It's short a or nothing.


एक means both one and a?


Yes. Quite similar to how in many European languages, one and a/an are often interchangeable.


is hindi PIE or Semetic?


It's Indo-European, from the Indo-Iranian branch of the family.

But it has quite a few loanwords from Arabic.


This is probably a loan word from arabic or something


why isn't one book an acceptable answer?


It should be. You can report if you see it again.


I don't get it. Why are the letters combined? Or at least they look combined. Can someone help me decipher?


I guess that someone would read एक किताब as "eka kitaaba," but you drop the vowel sound and get something that sounds close to "ekh kitaab." All the letters are combined in a way so that it forms a word. As in, "e+ka" "ki+ta+ba". It takes time to really understand and read a word in Hindi with speed and fluency, but for now, you can simply just look at these tips I have for deciphering the script:

Look at the top. Usually, there will be strokes that influence what vowel will come after the consonant sound. You can look at the tips section on Lesson 1,2, and what I believe would be 3 to help you.

Look carefully at the "character"(I'm sorry, force of habit) which effectively determines the consonant sound. I would memorize the vowels and the consonants if I were you.

They look all bunched up, and it could be hard to read at first, but I know you'll do it! :)

However, as I said before, you need to drop the vowel sound. So there's no "a" or "uh" sound pronounced. I hope it's not too bad! I personally added the extra "a" since that's how I form-sorry, say it.

I personally like to think of it as similar to the word "kitap" from Turkish.


Have you tried all the letter lessons? किताब = क इ त आ ब


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One book was accepted - April 2020


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