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  5. "Julia is not a cow, Peter."

"Julia is not a cow, Peter."

Translation:पीटर, जूलिया एक गाय नहीं है।

July 19, 2018



Peter can go at the end of the sentence too


Possibly the best Duolingo sentence in any language


Peter can go at the end of the sentence too - definitely!!!


Peter how rude of you. Batamese!


Would this work? जूलिया गाय नहीं है पीटर


I thought negated sentences don't need है at the end, but it was marked wrong. Is there an error or did I make a mistake?


I think you are mistaken. I am a native Hindi speaker and I cannot instantly think of quite what rule you might be referring to. In this sentence, in any case, the है is definitely required. (To be exact, I can think of instances where you might do without the है in this or a closely-related sentence, such as someone protesting, "जूलिया कोई गाय नहीं, पीटर!", in the middle of a conversation. But as a standalone sentence, this definitely needs a है at the end.)

If you could state the rule you are thinking of more precisely, perhaps I or someone else here could let you know if it's a correct one or not.


This question should be removed. Rancor should have no place in educational content.


I think most people here are viewing this as a funny sentence, not one with rancour. That is also how I read it. I would recommend you preserve it.


Valid opinion. Though it's worth mentioning that just because no-one sees something as right doesn't mean that it is not wrong, and vice versa. I disagree with your reasoning on that basis.

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