"The house has one window."

Translation:घर में एक खिड़की है।

July 19, 2018

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Why is मकान wrong here?!?


मकान is usually used for unpopulated house, like just the building. If people reside in it, we say घर. Home is also referred as घर.


I have the same question. I wrote: मकान में एक खिड़की है। and it said "wrong word" and expected घर


I don't think it is, reported it.


I understand that normally one needs the word में, but does the sentence घर एक खिड़की है make sense without it?


Hahaha, "घर एक खिड़की है"! It's a nonsensical sentence. The translation would be "the house is a window" which, of course, is just confusing.


No, cause it means the house
is a window


I was marked wrong with "Ek kirki ghar mein hai"; i believe it should be accepted, am i wrong ?


You've made 'a window' the subject, which is only subtly different, but it's also subtly different (in exactly the same way) in English, so it's expecting (sometimes you get away with it and it accepts both, but generally I think better not to) you to give a grammatical equivalent, i.e. with 'the house' as the subject.


घर का एक खिड़की है couls be good?


I like the way Hindi avoids "to have" by using ke pas, or in this instance, me. I was looking for ke pas, but of course a house doesn't have a window with it, or near it, but in it.

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