"वह लड़की आज चल रही है ।"

Translation:That girl is walking today.

July 20, 2018

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In English this could mean that she's walking later today but isn't walking right now. Is that also true in Hindi?


No. That girl is walking later today would be
वह लड़की आज चलने वाली है।


Actually, it can. The present tense can be used to talk about fixed events in the near future in Hindi just like in English. Note that you can use the present tense in place of the future tense only when what you are talking about has some kind of reality in the present. So, it can't be used to talk about plans which are not concrete yet.

Eg: वह लड़की आज शाम को क्लाइमेट मार्च में चल रही है। can be used in place of 'वह लड़की आज शाम को क्लाइमेट मार्च में चलने वाली है। ' or 'वह लड़की आज शाम को क्लाइमेट मार्च में चलेगी। ' when you know for a fact that the girl is going to be participating in the climate march.


Aa raha hai is specifically in the present

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