"वह केला खाता है।"

Translation:He eats the banana.

July 20, 2018



How does one say "that banana eats"?

October 5, 2018


I might be asking a stupid question, but as far as I understand, vah might refer to he OR she. How do we tell the difference? Or should both be accepted as correct answer? Oh!

And thank you to the linguistics team. You totally made my day finishing this course. <3

August 4, 2018


If vah(He/She/It) was a female, the verb will be खाती(female) instead of खाता (male).

August 4, 2018


Thank you. I had not yet noticed that. Thank you very much.

August 5, 2018


I put "he eats a" banana and it was still accepted...does that mean you don't necessarily need एक unless you're highlighting the singularity of something (e.g. "I eat a [single] banana")?

July 20, 2018


In English, I eat banana is grammatically wrong.
In Hindi, मैं केला खाता हूँ is not wrong. If someone says it, you have to decipher from the context if he means "a" or "the". However he could also explicitly use एक if he wanted to and that would be correct too.

So if you see a Hindi sentence without an article, you can translate it in English with both A and The since you don't have the full context.

July 23, 2018


Is there any difference between "he eats a/the banana" and the English concept "he eats banana" as in yeah, he isn't allergic to it. We would use that construction in "he drinks beer" as opposed to "He drinks a/the beer". Would you build a different construction in Hindi given no article is demanded here or do you have to use context? and say, "No, he isn't drinking a beer now, but he DOES drink it sometimes".

October 18, 2018


"I eat banana" is perfectly fine if you aren't referring to a specific, whole banana. If someone is offering banana slices, it would make sense for them to ask "Do you eat banana?" and someone else to respond with "I eat banana".

February 15, 2019


What is wrong with "he is eating a banana"?

July 22, 2018


That will be present continuous. Eg: वह केला खा रहा है. But the given sentence is in simple present and so should be 'He eats (a/the) banana

July 22, 2018


So just to be absolutely clear, Hindi, like Irish (and for that matter English) has separate forms for the simple present and present continuous, and the two shouldn't be mixed?

April 7, 2019


It totally looked to me like ''That banana eats'', but Duolingo doesn't accept it. :( I know it doesn't make much sense ,but since when has that bothered Duolingo? They have plenty of weird sentences.

July 28, 2018


sentence structure is different in hindi

September 28, 2018


Why is: he eats THAT banana incorrect?

August 3, 2018


The Hindi sentence would have an extra word(wo/ye) if it meant to say "that".

August 14, 2018
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