"जूलिया खेल सकती है लेकिन पीटर सो नहीं सकता।"

Translation:Julia can play but Peter can not sleep.

July 20, 2018

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You should accept cannot and can not. Cannot is actually the preferred usage in modern English.


True. Even more strongly, can not = cannot. In American English, we don't use can not unless we mean "Has the option not to do something". I appreciate the fact that you "accepted" cannot, without marking my answer wrong, but you told me I was missing a space. Cannot instead of can not is a better answer, not a worse one.


It does all get confusing... but as a rule of thumb it does seem that nahin usually is put after the verb... it is the 'sleep' that Peter cannot do.... Kind of flows better (in Hindi anyway) to say "Peter sleep cannot do" even if in English it means Peter cannot sleep. Just a form. With habit and practice it flows... :)


sorry Rebecca.. I meant to post this to a different comment.. oops...


True. Cannot = can not


Same with "can't" which is probably even more widely preferred (at least in America).


I agree that "cannot" is preferred usage. Duolingo is inconsistent with its translation, using "can not" sometimes and "cannot" at others.


Nope....you sre going to other part


Is this sentence wrong with है at the end (जूलिया खेल सकती है लेकिन पीटर सो नहीं सकता है)? It seems to be optional every where else.


Can't is also right


Does this sentence have logic. I mean what is this sentens.


"cannot" is one word


Why its wrong? Cannot short form is can't. Why you don't accept this? It's also right?


Why is it "Peter so nahin sakta" and not "Peter nahin so sakta"


so the deal is this... there is this kinda shortcut where you don't have to have 'hai' at the end if the second last word is 'nahin'... ."Peter so nahin sakta" means Peter cannot sleep. Usually you might expect it to be "Peter nahin so sakta hai" right? .... and I think that is technically correct. BUT in the example, there is no 'hai' and "Peter nahin so sakta" does not cut the mustard... it would HAVE to be "Peter nahin so sakta hai".. OK? I think this is the explanation. :)


In our Hindi language its respectively written that verb is first and then is the word ' nahin '.....to respect our language you should follow these rules...


Hello foreigners, I am an Indian but still I know English very well....I can get a tip for you ....in this sentence the word ' sleep ' isn't given that's why its showing my answer wrong. I reported this question to the developers. I hope, this tip would be helpful to you........


kya? जूलिया खेल सकती है लेकिन पीटर सो नहीं सकता। ="Julia can play but peter cannot sleep"....and the word 'sleep' (सो) is there plainly..... so I think you have misread the thing no? Or is there some kind of time lag here.. because right now that's what it is saying :)


Ohh...Paul you are so talented I am just a kid that doesn't knows much english but enough to my age. Thanks for helping in understanding


If there is ' cannot ' then write cannot why to take it serious and commenting for a small thing? But yeah, we use ' can't ' in English...but if cannot is written then write canmot only na


In an English sentence like the above it should be written as cannot and not as can not.


Few days later

Peter R.I.P


cannot must be one word, as two words it can permit rather than forbid

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