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  5. "वह एक लड़की है।"

"वह एक लड़की है।"

Translation:She is a girl.

July 20, 2018



As a southie I gotta ask, do people really pronounce यह and वह as yaha and vaha up north? I've only heard ye and vo, and that's how I pronounce it myself as well, but that might be influenced by the Hyderabad Hindi I grew up with.


No we don't. I would only say vah and yah in Hindi class.

In everyday life, I say vo and ye always.


The Tips and Notes now tell you how to pronounce यह and वह. We should forgive the automated voice for all the good it does us elsewhere...

My only question is: is वह pronounced 'voh' or 'woh'..?! In between the two, or is it regional?


Actually the Hindi sound of व is kind of in the middle of v and w. Hindi doesn't distinguish between these two sounds.


Is it made by drawing the lips very close together, what we call a bilabial fricative? A lot of dialects of Spanish pronounce V that way.


Nope. The v sound that Spanish has is halfway between v and b.

The one in Hindi is a Labiodental Approximant


That's one I haven't seen yet. Fun.


You know, it was only the other day I was talking about Labiodental Approximants... (!?) ;-)


Yeah, not the most common term to toss around, I guess. It means that the sound is made by the teeth and lips, like the English V, but they are not closed together, so the air escapes between them, a bit more like an English W.




"Vo" is used as "that" in previous lessons. If this translation means "She is a girl", what would "That is a girl" be in Hindi?


There are no third person subject pronouns (he, she, it) in Hindi. The demonstrative pronouns (this, that) are used. They can be translated either as the one or the other.


is this not rather translated as "he is a girl" since vaha is he? unless i'm missing something


/Vaha/, pronounced "vo" apparently, is not gendered. It literally means "that (person)." Since English has gendered third person singular pronouns, you will need to decide from the meaning whether to translate it as he, she, or it.


The translation should be "there is a girl" and not "she is a girl)


Can we not say 'यह' instead of 'वह'? And what does it mean if we say 'यह'


I would like to learn Gujarati here, Is there a way I can suggest it to Duolingo?


Is "ek" absolutely needed or is it optional? My Indian friends have told me that this sounds more natural to them: "वह लड़की है।"


Can you guys tell why are you learning hindi ? I am curious to know


Interesting language, a branch of Indo-European I am unfamiliar with, a writing system I have always wanted to understand, Hindi movies, Urdu poetry, and I do all the Duolingo languages.


I didn't hear ladki i haer ladka

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