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Using a word bank, or learning new keyboard?

I was wondering whether or not learners use the word banks provided in the lessons, or if they switch between the Inscript Hindi Keyboard to answer the questions. Learning the new keyboard seems like an additional component to learn, but would also be rewarding with time. Let me know what you think!

July 20, 2018



There's a Hindi keyboard? Up to now, I've been using the word bank.


If you change your keyboard settings, you can add the Hindi keyboard. From what I can tell, there is a steep learning curve, but it might be worth a try!


I've been using a phonetic keyboard to type Hindi, because it seemed more intuitive to me than learning how to use the Inscript Hindi Keyboard. It's based on the french keyboard layout (azerty) though, which I'm assuming most people don't use. It can be downloaded from: http://courshindi.free.fr/utils.php

I can't give any qwerty to devanagari keyboard recommandations since I never used one.


That's basically what I've been doing, using the 'namaste' option on Google translate (and trying to ignore what comes out on the right-hand side), opened in a second window. Then I copy and paste from that. I've used an inscript keyboard for Memrise and Rocket Hindi, and it's fine, but rather arduous.


I've been learning the Inscript keyboard layout and using it for all the lessons. It's been a bit of a struggle but totally worth it.

I just spend half an hour trying to figure out how to type कर्सी (not कसी). I thought the extra mark was some sort of diacritic on the vowel ... that made the preceding consonant get an "r" sound attached to it. Turns out it's just a consonant cluster. I would never have noticed if I'd been using the word bank.

रस --> र्स --> र्सी



This is an excellent resource, you write in the IPA/englishized pronunciation and it turns it into Devanagari script. :)


Fun fact; Hindi speakers usually also speak English and they cba to learn two keyboards, so they just write Hindi in English. eg:

Mai hindi english ka script mai likthahai kyunki hindi keyboard mushkil hai

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