"शाकाहारी खाना अच्छा होता है।"

Translation:Vegetarian food is good.

July 20, 2018

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Could we not say "vegetarian food is nice"?


Why the is not required here..


'The' marks out something specific, say there's a buffet with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods; you could say 'hey the vegetarian food here's pretty good!'

Here though होना is in the habitual aspect (होता है), so it's a general statement about non-specific 'vegetarian food'.


the vegetarian food is good. why it is wrong?


It makes it sound like specific vegetarian food, so it makes sense e.g. at an event with both veg & non-veg food and you're saying (perhaps with surprise!) 'the vegetarian food is good', 'here' implicit.

But the Hindi here seems more general, and if you say 'the' in English you lose that.

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I also think this should be accepted, report this


It is wrong because of the 'hotaa', which means that it is a statement about veg food in general. "The vegetarian food" refers to specific veg food, not veg food in general.


Maybe I missed this in another post, but why is it not shakahara?


Simply because the word is शाकाहारी - this isn't a feminine form (see also आदमी or हाथी for example). शाक = vegetables; अहार = food; -ई = ~'ish'/'ian'/'y' etc. ('vegetabley'-food, vegetarian food)


I thought this meant “Vegeterian is good food” haha.


That is "Shakahari ek accha khana hai."


Could we say "shaakaahaarii khaanaa acchaa hai"? Would the meaning be the same?


The meaning is slightly different. If there's no होता it means the food is good at the moment. With होता it means vegetarian food is typically good. Both translations should maybe accepted since English doesn't make this distinction? When to use होना vs. not is a subtle thing that can be hard to learn.


In English the distinction would be made with a determiner such as 'the':

Adjectival description: 'the vegetarian food is good' (शाकाहारी खाना अच्छा है)

Habitual aspect verb: 'vegetarian food is good' (शाकाहारी खाना अच्छा होता है)

Some non-standard English dialects more directly make the same distinction, with sentences like 'vegetarian food be good' for the habitual. (Most speakers/dialects would consider that simply incorrect though.)


I am not sure if होता is required

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