"यह मत बोलो।"

Translation:Do not say this.

July 20, 2018

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The report function needs to have the option "The English sentence is unnatural or incorrect" here and throughout this unit.


Look at the bright side. You get to learn Indian English alongside Hindi.


Damn, you're a DL beast. I thought I had a lot of languages...


It's an addiction, but certainly not the worst.


"Do not say this.' is most likely the intended translation. Traditionally, this is how it is said in Hindi. We can use other words for "speak" but I don't think it would have the accustomed impact:

कहना say, tell, state, report, express, put to बोलना speak, say, talk, tell, accost, sound बात करना tell, say वर्णन करना describe, depict, delineate, characterize, represent, say विचार स्थिर करना say कल्पना करना imagine, envision, speculate, figure, fancy, say

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    Thank you! So it seems that the English translation that would have the closest meaning would actually be, "Don't say that". In English I don't think it would be usual to say, "Don't say this" if someone was saying something you weren't happy about. It would be "Don't say that!"

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      Incorrect English. Needs to be "Do not speak of this" or "Do not talk about this" or maybe "Don't say that". Not sure which would be correct as I don't know exactly what the meaning of यह मत बोलो is. When might it be said?


      I also wonder if this has the connotation of "Do not speak of this"?


      It’s really frustrating to have to deal with less than ideal English translations. I’ve been working as a translator for the past 22 years. While I do understand the intricacies and singularities of each and every languages, being stuck on a level because of improper use of the English language is rather frustrating. While I do also understand about regional uses and expressions, being “forced” to reply using “do not speak this” makes me question the whole proofreading part of this program.


      It should be "Do not speak of this", but that was marked incorrect, while this ridiculous, obsolete sentence was touted as correct.


      No. It does not mean that. My child uses a swear word. I reprimand him by saying Do not say this.


      "Do not speak this" does not exist in English.!!! It is an incorrect translation. Thanks


      Do not tell this, is wrong. How come?


      How about "Do not tell this"


      Bolo means say, speak and tell, but I placed tell and my answer was considered wrong


      Tell. Speak say etc. are use according to the situation. Here there is no such situation. Iam only a 3rd std.student. I don't know these correctly.

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