"We don't like bananas much."

Translation:No nos gustan mucho las bananas.

4 months ago


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Why is it mucho and not muchas?

2 months ago


I too thought that it should be muchas because bananas are plural and feminine

1 month ago


major confusion.. normally we say me gusta, tu gusta, le gusta, etc... but this time they want nos gustaN. If they add any ending then shouldn't it be gustamos?

4 months ago


The verb Gustar in this sentence refers to the bananas which are plural: Nos (object) gustan (Verb) las bananas (subject).

My spanish teacher taught us to remember Gustar sentence construction as: the bananas pleases me --> nos gustan las bananas

3 months ago

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I agree, gypsy. I think logically it should be "No gustamos muchas las bananas" .... gustamos because of we and muchas because of las, but I've accepted that logic isn't a priority with languages.

3 months ago


I think of Gustar as retrograde verb. It can be thought of as meaning "to appeal", but it seems to be usually used in a reverse order to talk about liking something.

2 months ago


To: Singingypsy : Gustar is normally used only in the third person singular or plural form

4 months ago


Must the definite article be there?

4 months ago

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Yes, you pretty much have to use definite articles with gustar because of the way gustar constructs sentences.

Rather than thinking in terms of ... We don't like bananas, you have to think in terms of The bananas are not pleasing to us.

More here: https://www.realfastspanish.com/grammar/spanish-articles

4 months ago
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