"Raj is Julia's sister's son."

Translation:राज जूलिया की बहन का बेटा है।

July 20, 2018

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This version is in beta, and I think it's an error that the Hindi words are left off. Some people doing this do not have a Hindi keyboard.


How old are these comments ? I use the app only, and it never lets me type in hindi (only english for thr translation parts) , ans rather gives me words to choose when it comes to Hindi... i wish it let me type hindi


I agree: I cannot answer this because I don't have a Hindi keyboard, and so far I haven't seen where or how I can get it.

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    I would actually like to use my devnagari keyboard but duolingo only ever let me type in English now, I am not sure where to enable it. Even better if I could find again a keyboard that let me dictate in Hindi, but that's on my end.


    Man! Download "Chetah Keyboard" and select Hindi, English and every those language whom you want to type. That App is vey helpful whenever I need to type Hindi, English or Español in this App.


    Yes me to l dont have


    Transliterations with English keyboard should be accepted. It would be nice if there was an option to choose whether you want Devanagari or Latin text accepted.

    Edit: another question: what exactly is the difference between की and का?


    The difference between की and का is that while the former is used when the object being talked about is feminine, the latter is used for masculine objects. However, it does not depend on the subject's gender. For example, consider the sentences राज का सेब (Raj's apple) vs राज की किताब (Raj's book). Since सेब is a masculine noun, का is used, while की is used for the feminine किताब.


    What makes a noun masculine and feminine? Im having trouble recognising the difference.


    Nothing. It is a way to clasify nouns in some languages. If a noun is masculine, it will use masculine adjectives or masculine definited articles or whatever. In english this doesn't happen because the nouns don't have specific articles or specific adjectives. For example, the word "cow" or "book" will use the universal definited article "the" in english, so you say "the cow", "the book", but in some languages (hindi, french, spanish, portuguese, italian...) have masculine/feminine words (there are other languages like russian, polish, greek, german... where they use masculine/feminine/neuter). So, in german (for instance) you have to say "Die Kuh" (the cow) and "Das Buch" (the book), using Die as feminine article, and Das as neuter article, because cow is a feminine noun in german, and book is a neuter noun. Or "La vaca" (the cow) and "El libro", in spanish, where La is the feminine definited article and El is the masculine one. In hindi, some words ending in -a are masculine, and some words ending in -i are feminine, but not all of them, so you have to memorize them by heart. In the case of the nouns सेब "apple" and किताब "book" in hindi, apple is masculine, and book is feminine. Not a particular reason for that, really.


    Thanks helped me alot.


    Thanks! And damn you know so many languages!


    Ki and Ka are usually used according to the noun that follows. "kitab" is a feminine word in Hindi so you would use "ki" whatever the subject is.


    I can agree, the transliterations should be accepted too. I have some friends, who speak Hindi and Urdu, but can't read Devanagari or Arabic and always use athe latin alphabet.


    Having gilded the tree up until now, I am completely stuck at this point with suddenly having to figure out the Hindi keyboard. This sentence is too long for that exercise for a beginner.


    How to cheat if you don't have an indian keyboard: copy paste the translation from this page! (I only do it as I have no alternative to go forward, no indian keyboard, and not available on the app. I know it's somehow against my objective of learning the language, please do not make any moral comments)


    You can use this link, for example: http://www.easyhindityping.com/ There, you can type "Raj Julia ki bhn ka beta hai", and it will convert that sentence into "राज जूलिया की बहन का बीटा है". Anyway, you also can move the mouse over every word and copy the hindi word.


    What is use of hindi key board, it never asked me type in hindi, it askes my type in only english, are u using any beta ?


    I have found three virtual Hindi keyboards that you may choose to use. Here are the links below:




    There are more available on Internet.


    Well, wouldn't it be more common to say that Raj is Julia's nephew?


    In English, yes. But Hindi has various words for nephew depending on the precise relationship. So a sister's son is different to a brother's son.


    So far it went quite well, but since I have to use the Hindi keyboard i’m stuck. It is frustrating and very demotivating...


    I included the hindi keyboard (Language preferences: add a language) and then searched online for the traditional hindi keyboard. It is very time consuming but it works. You can change keyboards easily by pressing the appropriate language on the inferior right side of your screen (for windows). Nevertheless it does seem indeed very time consuming and hard for beginners without a hindi keyboard...


    @agape1327 and @ frederic Montreal Thank you so much! i dont have a computer, so now i installeld Hindi translate on my i phone.. not easy and indeed very time consuming! I guess i have to study harder and practice devanagari...


    It's too early for this type of sentence with i struggle with in my native language


    I remember I had once a keyboard that hat the Devnagri letters on the same keys as the corresponding latin letters. That was easier than the strange online keyboards I found now


    Yes I use the same on desktop. It's called Devanagari QWERTY keyboard. See https://ubcsanskrit.ca/keyboards.html.


    the hindi keyboard is not visible

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      If you have an Android device you have to go to the Google Play Store and search for the Google indic keyboard app. Once you install this application on your cell phone, go into your Android settings and make this keyboard the new default keyboard. Don't worry the keyboard can do both English and Hindi and then when you go to enter Hindi on Duolingo you simply switch to Hindi and start typing the Hindi characters into the field. Duolingo doesn't have a built-in keyboard you have to install it on your device.


      You may can go to keyboard's language that one visible in Phone in the left side


      How do I know if a noun is masculine or feminine?

      For example, school, apple, book are M or F?

      I'm Italian and we also distinguish between M and F nouns, so I understand the difficulty.


      Its explained above


      You have to learn the gender along with the noun.
      So school स्कूल is Masculine, as is apple सेब,
      while book किताब is Feminine.
      Duo expects you to remember the gender of these words in particular.


      I can't understand this question


      This is confusing


      I had did some wrong one!! That one is in here " Julia's sister's son " in here I just do wrong one. It means Julia's sister's son is Raj


      I do not have a HIndi Keyboard and cannot do this!

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        If you have an Android device, the google indic keyboard may be downloaded from the playstore. You can also install it as an extension in the chrome browser if you have a Windows machine.


        You can use some of the online keyboards that @fredericmontreal suggested in this discussion board, and then copy paste the result


        Don't have a Hindi keyboard and can't complete several lessons when the word bank is unavailable.

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          For the benefit of others following this post, you do not need a physical Hindi keyboard. If you have a computer or an Android cell phone, you can install a software keyboard that will be on screen and free. https://www.androidpolice.com/2017/10/04/google-indic-keyboard-reaches-100-million-downloads-despite-eclipsed-gboard/

          You can then use your mouse to select the Hindi characters or in the case of a cell phone you can switch to Hindi (character) input. Google Translate will also let you draw the characters with your finger on your cell phone screen. I have to say that this has helped me tremendously in my process of learning Hindi.


          My answer is correct


          Last e ha na dile o ja dile o ta To vul r ki


          I don't understand


          Repeat question


          Repeat question


          i think it is an error , is my statement correct??


          How is bhn masculine?


          बहन sister is not masculine.
          Hindi uses the gender of the object for possessives. बेटा son is masculine.
          Remember that Hindi uses POST-positions, while English uses PRE-positions such as of.
          So sister of Julia becomes Julia kī bhn जूलिया की बहन = Julia's sister.

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