what after the crown?

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Hi,i have a question.i am now in 25 level and my total score is now over the 43000 i think.i finished the crown contents (275) and now what?Practice only or is there something more?My knowledge in english language is good enough but i do not feel ready for discussing well.So i would like to try myself in a more dificault course.Is something following the crown's lessons?I know that i make mistakes but i am satisfied with myself You see i am 74 years old and learning a foreign language is a challenge for me. thank you.

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I'd suggest doing the Greek course for English speakers here on Duo, for starters. There will be some grammar and vocabulary in there that isn't in this course. Aside from that, I can't give much more advice as I'm an English speaker learning Greek and I'm not sure what other resources are out there. Memrise is great for expanding your vocabulary but isn't really any help for grammar or improving your listening skills.

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