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Translation:आसान सवाल पूछो।

July 20, 2018

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I think it would be better to include प्रश्न as well as सवाल


They are teaching spoken Hindi/Hindustani and not the formal bookish one. The official translation is better and natural.


No. Sawaal is urdu. Not hindi. If it were an urdu course, it would have been different.


Hindi borrows words from urdu, farsi, arabic and Sanskrit. सवाल is an urdu-derived word. The Sanskrit derived equivalent is प्रश्न (prashn).

One is more likely to encounter the Sanskrit derived old fashioned hindi in texts. The urdu, farsi and Arabic words are more commonly used in colloquial Hindi.

If one wishes to make one's written hindi more impressive, use Sanskrit derived Hindi, which is considered the "elite" hindi. There is a deep rooted cause of this, which i am not going to explain here.

In fact, students in (north) india are encouraged to use more Sanskrit wording in their hindi examinations, and are awarded more marks for it.

For non native hindi learners, however, it is important to first master colloquial Hindi to help them communicate better, and this is where the importance of the urdu, farsi and arabic vocabulary comes in.


Hindi is language which accepts many words from different languages and what a native speaker speakes includes many languages . So what sounds more natural is saval and prashn sounds too bookish.


It's not sawaal. It's prashn.

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