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I cannot hear any difference on थि and थी

The audio sounds exactly the same to me. Is it just me? What is the difference?

I suppose one of them should have a slightly longer "i"-sound in the end, but i just can't hear it in the audio that is being played.


July 20, 2018



We will check that. Thanks for sharing.


I added a youtube video of how it sounds to me.


It sounds the same to me also. And also चू and चु.


I added a youtube video of the sounds


I can't hear it, either. It seems as if the file for थी has been truncated so that the difference is lost.


"थी" makes the "thī" sound (with the prolonged i sound) while "थि"is pronounced "thi". It becomes clearer when they are incorporated into words


I'm sure there is a difference in them. It's just that the recorded audio is identical so there is no way to tell them apart when doing the course here on Duolingo.


In sanskrit, the long and short i is more prominent in term of "matra" or time spacing with respect to "swara" or accent. I agree with you though, both diacritical marks sound the same. In conversational Hindi, there is generally not much difference between the two vowel sounds, especially if someone is speaking really fast. But I wish they included the sanskrit-oriented differences in length for beginners.


Look up the words ki (with short i) and ki (with long i) and hopefully you'll be able to tell the difference. A lot of the time, the short i in Hindi ends up sounding like an English i, like in the word fish, whereas the longer i sounds like the English "ee" sound


I understand the difference of them, i'm just questioning if they should have the same audio-file being played or if there should be anything telling them apart.

The text says that one is "thī" and one is "thi" but there is absolutley no difference in the audio playing.


Well they are very similar sounds, so even if the audio is in fact different, it might be hard to notice. That's the only vowel that sounds super similar between short and long versions though in my opinion, other ones are very distinct, so I would say your brain will just figure it out based on context.

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