"I am here since quarter past three ."

Translation:मैं यहाँ सवा तीन बजे से हूँ।

July 20, 2018

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It feels awkward to say मैं यहाँ सवा तीन बजे से हूँ। It feels more natural to say मैं सवा तीन बजे से यहाँ हूँ।

Do you agree?


I agree, I am a highly advanced speaker of Hindi and I would also not have placed "यहाँ" at the start of the sentence.


I'd love to have a lesson in word order, what are fast rules and what aren't, and how shifting the word order changes the meaning or emphasis of a sentence. (And why song lyrics get to shuffle the words around so much....)


Same here. I'm currently in India and I usually hear anything relating to time first before "यहाँ" is said.


I also agree! It sounds much better to put the time earlier.


Also, the English phrase “I am here since” is awkward. “I have been here since” sounds more natural. Thanks!


Yes, you are right. There seems to be very limited ways we can affect the English translations that are obviously literal and often don't reflect common usage. The good news is that we get to think along Hindi lines.


Will it unnatural to say सवा तीन बजे से मैं यहाँ हूँ !!

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