"तू एक लड़की है।"

Translation:You are a girl.

July 20, 2018

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As a foreigner, never use "tu" except you know exactly what you are doing. "Aap" is a much wiser decision...


Yup. You'll get a bunch of people being offended over being called 'tu'. Safe to stick with 'aap'


Calling them a girl is just fine though.


Please teach "aap" word not "tu"


ليلة سعيدة


Would you still use "hai" for "aap"?


तुम एक लड़की हो


Ans. You are a girl


'Tu' in Hindi sounds similar to 'tú' in Spanish, 'tu' in French and 'du' in Swedish.

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    That's what I love 'bout learning languages, Jesse - you unlock one, you unlock a whole bunch! :D


    Wait till you come across the Spanish word "camino".


    And don’t forget ‘du’ in German as well.


    'Tu' is a Latin word too.


    That's because......... it's the same word !!!!!


    In north India Tu is rather informal, and rarely used. It might be better to start with Aap


    This is just a comment. I am really enjoying the course. I have noticed quite a few 'tu' forms , but I think many foreign learners of Hindi won't use 'tu' forms, too close and personal


    'Tu' is too much of rude word when talking to stranger but you could use it with close friend its like you can't say "hey you bastard" to stranger but its common in friends intead we can use "tum" to friends or same age person for respective and elderly person we use "aap" it work as Word "sir you" in english we you as "तू" as rude word *It is like you are downgrading someone #dont use this word unless you are soo much pissed some could get an idea that you are disrespecting them.

    "तुम" for same as person or smaller than you.

    "आप" for respected elderly and new or stranger person


    Brazilians also use "tu" :)


    Tu is a bit too informal. You would only use it with very close friends your age. Tum is slightly more formal, though still to be used with people of the same age and never with strangers. Aap would be the most appropriate way of addressing anyone


    This app is first teaching informals...along with तू you should teach formal आप


    Ab bahut hard ja raha hai bhai


    I'm also trying to learn Urdu and I know there must be a few differences but in urdu is "tum". Would both, tu and tum, be correct here in Hindi? And in Duo555555 comment ends with "he" and this exercise with "hai". Is it because: तू _है and तूम _ हो? Isn't there "ho" here?

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      Tu is very informal and so can be extremely rude in the wrong circumstance. That said, yes,

      • "Tu ik larkhi hai" is very informal, and then

      • "Tum ik larkhi ho" is a step up in formality

      • And then "Aap ik larkhi hain" would be the formal.

      I hope that helps you.


      Oh... Yes, it does. Thank you very much!


      In which circumstances would we useTu rather than Tum?


      If the person is of our age and we are too close to them . Never talk to an elderly person addressing tu in hindi for them use Aap and for the people who are younger and of your se age group use Tum . Tu words seems kinda offensive. As a foreigner use aap or Tum NEVER tu


      Tum rather than Tu (sorry)


      It's better never to use tu. Just use tum with friends of same age/younger.

      With everyone else use aap.

      (I remember getting severe scoldings for using "tu" for a friend in front of my parents when I was younger)


      hahahah i would jokingly use 'tu' with my sisters in front of my parents and get scolded for being so "rude"


      I have issues with आप. Could someone please help? In this case if subject changes to आप, is it "आप एक लडकी है" or "आप एक लडकी हैं"?


      If you use आप then the sentence will be आप एक लड़की हैं

      When you use हैं then you're refering to a group of people or are talking to someone formaly or politely

      And when you use है then you're talking to someone your age or are talking informaly

      Hope this helps :)


      In hindi tu and tum both means you and tum is greatly used


      Mujhe Hindu And English Mila ke cahiye think hai duolingo


      Ha meim ek ladki heim


      In hindi लडकी means girl but the लडकी sounds like लडका


      'Tu' means 'You' in hindi


      Setting ho gai hai


      Is anybody from Tamil Nadu or India


      Please correct "tu" to "tum" or "aap". Tu is considered a very disrespectful form of addressing a person and is frowned upon in India.

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