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  5. "Co vyrábí oni?"

"Co vyrábí oni?"

Translation:What do they make?

July 20, 2018



When looking up 'vyrábět' in the dictionary, some tell me that the 3. pl. of it is 'vyrábějí' and some that it is 'vyrábí' like it is here. Can someone explain to me why?


Get a better, or more current, dictionary. As explained many times for similar verbs (4th class, type sázet) originally only -ějí was possible but the language has a tendency to simplify by analogy with other verb types and allows -í now as a more progressive variant. http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?slovo=vyr%C3%A1b%C4%9Bt https://cs.m.wikibooks.org/wiki/%C4%8Ce%C5%A1tina/Slovesa_4._t%C5%99%C3%ADdy


Thank you for always helping me out, honestly. It is an online dictionary from an established brand but I suppose they just chose to be old fashioned then


What's the difference between vyrábit and vyrobit?


Both "vyrábět" -- the verb used here -- and "vyrobit" mean "to produce, to make, to manufacture." The first is imperfective, suggesting an action in process or repeated action, while the second is perfective, suggesting a single or completed action. Perhaps one of the Czech experts will provide a more comprehensive explanation


This explanation actually helps a lot, thanks!


I am really struggling to understand the "emphasis logic". Why would you put the emphasis on "oni"? The person is not asking who makes the thing, he's asking what's being made so, why is "co" not at the end and "oni" at the beginning?


Because he stresses that he wants to know what THEY make, because, for example, so far we were discussing what WE make.

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