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"┬┐Limpias la ducha, por favor?"

Translation:Can you clean the shower, please?

2 months ago



This is a "command" even with the added "please" - in Spanish and in English the subject is "you" and does not have to be stated, it is understood. The English is really "Clean the shower, please" If you want us to say can you clean, please make that clear.

2 months ago


This guessing game is not funny at all. It is frustrating.

2 months ago

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I can't authoritatively say I understand the nuances of the spanish, but it seems that "Will you clean the shower, please" might be a better translation. It certainly seems better than "Can you" when there is no "poder" and does not discuss ability or permission

1 month ago


I tried "clean the shower, please" and it was rejected.

2 weeks ago


Why can't it be "Clean the shower, please?"

2 weeks ago