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"Ellas escribieron esa nueva ley."

Translation:They wrote that new law.

April 30, 2014



why is nueva before ley


Certain adjectives, like nuevo/new or grande/great go before the noun. See this list for further clarification: http://www.spanishdict.com/topics/show/20

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In this sense nueva ley means additional law---just another law for the books.

The term ley nueva would refer to some novel law, perhaps some kind of groundbreaking legislation. It's not necessarily wrong, but nueva ley would be more common.


Is anyone else having "y"s go m.i.a. I keep getting ding because they gets turned into the, I suspect autosabatauge


Here in the UK and IRL we would never say this. Instead I translated it as "They made that new law", because that's how we express this concept here. It got marked wrong but I reported it as should be accepted.


The translation of Law and Rule in my country is the same


Why didn't I get to write that law with them and/or choose whether the law is fair or not?

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