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"Tělo hlavu, dvě ruce a dvě nohy."

Translation:The body has a head, two arms, and two legs.

July 20, 2018



Shouldn't “dvě ruce” be “two hands” rather than “two arms?”


Well, here we have something a little different... and maybe confusing! "Ruka" can mean both "arm" and "hand," and "noha" can mean both "leg" and "foot." I suppose we need to look at context to know which one is meant/which one we should use. In the absence of context -- like in this exercise -- I would expect both meanings of each word to be accepted.


Well. ruka can mean both, the hand and the arm. There is also word paže, e, f. meaning specifly arm...


I thought arm is rameno in Czech.


No, rameno is a human shoulder. It probably can be an arm of certain machines, cranes or some stuff but I do not know the terminology too well.

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