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"Kwa jina la baba mwana na roho mtakatifu"

Translation:In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

July 20, 2018



Grew up Catholic. Always in the name of the Father and the son and the Holy Ghost. (yes, I am aware ghost probably has another word, but here it means the same as holy spirit. ) That's an automatic go to for me, and probably many others.


'roho' is spirit. And I also grew up Catholic and I've always said 'Holy Spirit'. My grandfather also grew up Catholic and he says 'Holy Ghost', so I guess it depends on who you ask


Yeah, my point is that here both should be accepted. As in many of the other courses, there can be more than one acceptable translation for a given word or phrase, and the common ones should all be accepted. Word for word translations just aren't an effective way to learn a language.


I went to a Catholic high school and we always said "spirit". With "ghost" should definitely be accepted, but this is not simply a word-for-word translation from the Swahili - people do say this.


"the" in front of "holy spirit" instead of "father" is wrong? There is only one "the" available. How do we know where to put it when Swahili has no equivalent of "the"?


it shouldn't be wrong

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