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"Waislamu husali sala tano kwa siku"

Translation:Muslims usually pray five prayers a day

July 20, 2018



This should be "Muslims usually pray five TIMES a day". No native English-speaker (US, British, Indian or Australian) would say "five prayers for a day". Although I do see that you have made a literal translation - that is not the aim for any of the Duolingo courses I have done.


I think it's important to remember that this course is for learning Swahili, not English. Personally I find unidiomatic translations like this rather useful: They make it much easier to remember the Swahili construction. 20210402


I agree with all of that but DL's insistence that we can only answer in American English (to the extent that it uses the American flag, rather than the English flag to show English) is not acceptable. 20210402


Strange english


Remembering the exact fractured English I have to use here is really difficult - nearly impossible.


The offered translation for Waislamu is 'Muslems', but it only accepts 'Muslims'


"Five prayers" means something different from "five times", obviously.


This English is clumsy and poor. As has been said before, it should read: "Muslims usually pray five times a day. "

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