"यहाँ कोई कुछ नहीं बोल रहा है।"

Translation:No one is speaking anything here.

July 20, 2018

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This English sentence is not correct. It should be, "No one is saying anything here."


Yes, or, "No one here is saying anything."


Or simply "No one is speaking here."


One "speaks" a language. I can imagine a situation with a room full of mumbling people, and someone trying to catch some words asks "What [language] are they speaking?" ...


English translation is unnatural, it should be 'no one is saying anything here'


So in this sentence the koi corresponds to nobody and the kuch to nothing? Both made negative by the nahi?


The anyone is converted to no-one by नहीं.
English should avoid double negatives. For example if a boy says I ain't goin' nowhere! it would literally mean I am going somewhere, though people would understand that he is emphatically announcing that he will not be moving at all.


This was very unnatural. It took me a while to figure out what word order duo wanted.


The English makes no sense, as the others have said.


Sentences like this may serve a valuable function in teaching us noobs to be careful as we choose words from among all the ones that mean similar but not identical things. I can easily see myself saying this and not being aware of how awkward it might sound. At least I won't make this particular mistake.


No one is speaking anything here


My answer has been marked correct but also marked in red as wrong. This has also been happening in Russian, being marked as both right and wrong so I cannot complete the lesson.


This happened to me just now. I gave the correct English translation of the spoken Hindi sentence, failing to notice that the instruction was "type what you hear."


The english is incorrect

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