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Completed the Hindi Tree!

How do I claim my dapper golden Duo? The one with the scarf :| And yes I did take the placement test. Pfft.

July 20, 2018



it should show up when the tree is completed. idk why it hasnt already, maybe its a beta bug?


Do I have to, like, do all the crowns or something to technically complete the tree?


Yep, you now have to crown up to get the Golden tree. Better get skipping through those crown levels! Good luck on the Letters. There's so much wrong there :D


Thanks so much!


No, all you have to do is get to at least level 1 in each skill. The reason why the golden owl isn't there is because Duolingo hasn't even finished designing it yet. I checked the owl sprite (a page that shows all of the golden owls) and Klingon and Hindi are not there.


Thanks! It did show up


That said, the sword badge did show up in my achievements, something about "conquering a course."

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