"बच्चे सेब नहीं खाते ।"

Translation:The children do not eat apples.

July 20, 2018

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This is causing a lot of confusion.

I am not a part of Duo Hindi team but I am a native Hindi speaker and I can say with absolute certainty that NO ONE can mark you wrong for using "hai" in a negative sentence. In fact, everyone around me uses "hai" in most of their negative sentences. Dropping "hai" in a negative sentence is quite rare although not incorrect.


That's sad. Apples are so good


Why is there no हैं at the end?


You drop it when creating a negative verb phrase.


Why is "Children do not eat apples" incorrect? Why is the "The" needed at the start?


I think because if it were a general statement ('children do blah' in English is implicitly - and supposedly - applies to all children) it would include 'hota', though I don't know exactly where that comes in a negative statement, I suppose before the hai, so last if it's dropped.


How to type बच्चे (transliterated as "bacce"):

  1. Type ब.

  2. Type च (just after ब without space)

  3. Type ् (just after च without space)

  4. Type च (just after ् without space)

  5. Type े (just after च without space)

Keys to type "bacce" (using Hindi Traditional Keyboard on Windows10):

  1. Use "Y" key to type ब

  2. Use ";" key to type च

  3. Use "D" key to type ्

  4. Use ";" key to type च (again)

  5. Use "S" key to type े

Components of "bacce": ब = ba

च = c(a)

् = vowel elision mark

च् = c च्च = च् + च = cc च्चे = च्च + े = cce


I understand that the -ओ final form is for plural, nothing to do with the oblique form ?


I can think of several meanings for this sentence. Can you tell me which ones are plausible translations for it, and which ones (if any) are clearly wrong? 1. Children (in general) do not eat apples. (I think this is the intended meaning of the sentence.) 2. There is one specific apple that the children do not eat. 3. Each of the children do not eat a single apple only (but they may eat more than one). 4. Each of the children do not eat multiple apples (but they may eat just a single one).

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