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  5. "wej nem Qo'noS vIDab."

"wej nem Qo'noS vIDab."

Translation:I will live on Kronos three years from now.

July 20, 2018



I would have thought that it must be, "Qo'noSDaq."

July 20, 2018


Most English speakers feel that way. In English we say, "live in," and our brains want to see that same pattern in other languages. However, this verb does not work like that in Klingon. Dab is something you do to a place, rather than in a place. It might help to think of it as "inhabit" rather than "live in".

July 20, 2018


Indeed, there's quite an excellent e-mail in the archives about this word:


July 20, 2018
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