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  5. "Ich lese es."

"Ich lese es."

Translation:I am reading it.

April 30, 2014



As practice, I write a question for every sentence and an answer for every question. Liest du es?


Cool. You could also try making the question generate the answer that is the current sentence you're working with:

Liest du es? can be answered with just yes or no, but if you ask: "Was liest du?"

Then one could answer with the given sentence, "Ich lese es." :)

Danke, aber was heißt es?

Es heißt Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen.

Wer hat das Buch geschrieben?

J.K. Rowling duuuuhhh.

And thus starts the runaway dialogue until you remember that you're still only on the first sentence of your lesson...


Thanks Nathan, this is very useful! One feature that Livemocha had that I hope Duolingo will do one day is live chat. I could practice with native speakers and have interesting conversations at the same time.


That's a good way to practise! I try this as well, Ex.

Andreas: Gibst du mir einen Apfel?

Ich: Ja, hast du Hunger?

Andreas: Ja, ich mochte eine Cola mit Wurst, bitte.


Gebst du mir einen Apfel? should be Gibst du mir einen Apfel? (just a typo perhaps?)


It should be Cola.


Ja, mein Deutsch ist nicht perfekt.


Sorry, if it sounded unfriendly. I was just trying to be helpful.


P.S I didn't downvote your comment, I upvoted it there


I don't worry about downvotes by trolls anymore, but thanks anyway.


"es" sounds a lot like "ich" in this


Is there a form of Present Continous in German language..?


Nope. The Present Tense includes both: Present tense and Present Continuous


When I heard it for the first time, I thought it meant "I read TO it" like reading a lullaby to a child (therefore 'es', because 'das Kind'). How would we say "I am reading a lullaby to it (a child)"?


I almost always stuck in writing "liese" rather than just "lese"


I've tried "I read it" once and "I am reading it" twice and they've all been marked incorrect. I reported it but I feel like I going crazy.


Oh Jesus I just realized I'm writing it in English when it's supposed to be German.

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