"जूलिया के भाई"

Translation:Julia's brothers

July 20, 2018

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Isnt the plural for भाई, भाइयों ?


Normally, no. In a sentence like this, भाई is an unmarked plural meaning "brothers". In the oblique case, however, meaning when it is the object of a postposition, then all masculine plural nouns regardless of whether they are marked or unmarked take ओं, giving us भाइयों.

So: जूलिया के भाई means "Julia's brothers", but मैं मेरे भाइयों के साथ खा रहा हूँ means "I am eating with my brothers"


That's pretty complicated. People often use wrong hindi colloquially. But for example when you say भाइयों और बहनों when you are addressing a crowd, is that also wrong?

And how would you say julia's brother? जूलिया का भाई ?


Yes, that is how you'd say Julia's brother. When addressing someone, words also take the oblique case. Thus, भाइयों और बेहेनों!


*Vocative, which happens to be the same as oblique but without nasalising -ओ ending in plurals.

Edit: Your mod badge doesn't show on mobile, but I see it now. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the above is my understanding from a few sources, incl. Snell & hindilanguage.info


Yep! Although a tiny tip that in your example it should be मैं अपने भाइयों, not मेरे


The plural of भाई ( mas. sing.) is भाई only. While भाइयों is Vocative plural., vocative singular being भाई.


भाइयो is vocative, भाइयों is oblique.


Has it somewhere already mentioned when you have to say "ka", "ke", or "ki" ? What I found out from google translator: Peter's brother: ka Peter's sister: ki Julia's brother: ke Julia's sister: ki

Is there a general rule for this?


is "brother" or "brothers" is the right one here?


Yes भाई means Brother and Brothers.


It is either brothers, or you are being respectful to Julia's one brother (के can be plural, or singular respectful).


Very helpful explanation :) best regards


It is brothers because के is plural.


It accepted "Julia's brother" as correct, but looking at it again I think that के indicates that भाई is plural here, right?


It could mark respect/formality (toward the brother) too.

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