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"¡Qué jardín tan bonito!"

Translation:What a pretty garden!

4 weeks ago


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When both "¡Qué bonito jardin!" and "¡Qué jardin bonito!" can translate to "What a beautiful garden!", then why does DL include the word tan and still translate to "What a beautiful garden!" ?

4 weeks ago

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Roger, it's not just DL that includes the word tan. I've always seen/heard this construction as a fairly common one for translating What a + adj. + noun!

¡Qué casa tan grande! What a big house!
¡Qué idioma tan interesante! What an interesting language!

I've also seen it with más in place of tan.

4 weeks ago


Actually, I considered using "pretty" but reckoned "beautiful" brought out the emphasis of «tan» more.

Plain, pretty, beautiful? Any takers? :-)

But then I came here and found Duo using "pretty" anyway!

1 week ago

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I know!

Not something I like either. Even more so when you consider tan bonito, actually translates to - so pretty or such a pretty... yet here it's translating to ...a pretty garden but with no definite article.

It's a bad sentence construction that does nothing more than confuse people.

4 weeks ago

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"It's a bad sentence construction that does nothing more than confuse people."

I accept that it seems confusing when literally translating the expression to English, but if that's how the language is actually used then I think that's how we should be learning it. All languages have their own idiomatic expressions that could seem funny/confusing when translating to another language; the point surely is to learn what sounds right to a native speaker, not what sounds right to us as learners.

That is, unless it isn't how Spanish speakers actually talk, then, of course, you are correct. :)

2 weeks ago

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You never get inconsistency of usage or redundancy or mulltiple meanings of one word in English thank goodness. It's why English is so famously easy to learn.

6 days ago