"नेहा चाय नहीं पीती।"

Translation:Neha does not drink tea.

July 20, 2018

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Is the aux verb है not required when the sentence is negated?


It is not compulsory here but the sentence would still be correct if you added "hai" at the end.


It would be nice for "chai" to be accepted in the English translation, since chai is used colloquially in English as well.


I've always understood chai to be a very specific type of tea in English. At least here in the west coast of the United States.


"chai/cāy" is "tea" in Hindi, just as cha is the word for tea in Chinese (where the word comes from). Trendy non-Indian businesses in US, at one point, began to offer tea prepared in the Indian "masālā" (spiced) style, under the label of "chai". I remember working in a cafe in the mid-1990s, which is when I believe the American "chai" thing was introduced. We had some kind of prepackaged, syrupy mixture of sugar and the spice flavors and milk, which was blended into prepared Sri Lankan tea. Needless to say, that's not how any tea is prepared in India, but the specific "flavor" of the mixture became the industrial standard in the US for things labeled as "chai", just like "pumpkin spice" is a flavor. Tea in India is typically prepared by boiling the leaves (and spices, if any) rather than pouring sub-boiling water over the leaves (which is the proper method in China, where individual teas are enjoyed for their natural flavor). The idea seems to be to just boil leaves to death to drain out their pungency as a thing to cut through milk and sugar... hence to me, the connotation of "chai" is not the masala (which is very often omitted) but that whole boiled / milky thing.


In Britain (especially London) a cup of chai is an English style cup of tea (brewed and with a little milk) . As mentioned by Ranzo, what is now called chai in the US is really 'chai masala' flavouring


Wrote "chai" instead of tea. It will always be "chai" to me. Chai should be accepted as it currently lives in the English lexicon.


(She doesn't drink tea) what wrong for this?


This is wrong because there is Neha in the sentence. This would change the noun (Neha) into a pronoun (She). As the Noun is given, you can't change it to a pronoun.


Neha does not drink tea .


Ek chhoti si galti hi mam Mujhe does ke jagah dose de Diya Ismein galti kaisi


Neha does not drink tea


Neha not drink tea what is wrong there


Nena does not drink tea


yes I also have that question


Mujhe tumne pagal samjhe


My name is viraj.Friend


Sorry, Neha. We can't be friends.

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