"Raj does not read that book."

Translation:राज वह किताब नहीं पढ़ता है।

July 20, 2018



Why is है again included in a negative sentence? Someone had previously explained that forms of the verb होना would be omitted in a negative sentence unless they were the main verb. So far this was the case for all Duo sentences as well.

August 22, 2018


It can be ommitted but is not mandatorily ommitted. It is optional. Both sentences are equally valid.

September 1, 2018


Does anyone know why the word order changes? I wrote राज वह किताब पढ़ता नहीं, which is S-O-V-Ad. It marked it as correct but also suggested राज वह किताब नहीं पढ़ता है, which is S-O-Ad-V?

October 10, 2018


nahi, or the negative, usually comes directly before the verb it negates. I don't know about other adverbs.

January 16, 2019


Isn't बही also an acceptable way of saying book?

July 20, 2018


No. That is an obsolete word and even when it was used it didn't refer to books but rather to notebooks that were used for account keeping.

July 21, 2018
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