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  5. "nuqDaq maSop?"

"nuqDaq maSop?"

Translation:Where shall we eat?

July 20, 2018



The third stage of human evolution according to Douglas Adams after 'what shall we eat?' and 'how do we eat it?'


I vote translations of those sentences get added too.


To be precise, the questions, respectively characterizing the Survival, Enquiry and Sophistication phases of civilization, were "How can we eat?", "Why do we eat?", and "Where shall we have lunch?”


Blimey:) and thank you, I read those books and listened to the radio shows so long ago and could quote them till the proverbial cows came home. Now I'm older and my brain power decreased so I have adopted a more a scatter-gun approach to quotations. If not the actual letters of the law come flying out then at least the spirit of the law was in there. In other words I'm sloppy and I know it :-)

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