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7 Day Streak!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have managed to complete a 7 day streak. It took me several tries to get it right. Next, I plan to go for a one month streak. Fingers crossed!

July 20, 2018



I've been doing my 50 xp min each night after midnight just make sure I keep it. (I'm a night hawk) try that or if you are a morning person do your min first thing in the morning and then if you have time do more throughout the day. oh and always have a streak freeze on just in case...


Good idea I will try it.


Well done! Once you get into a routine you will be surprised how the days stack up!


Yo era lo mismo. Here's twenty lingots. Oddly enough once I hit the 14th day mark something just clicked and I'm here on my 41st . Good luck.


Gracias! You'll be reaching 50 soon!


Congrats. You will see with time and some reminders, you will be able to accomplish a 30 day streak.


Good work countrygirl! I remember when I reached a week long streak and posted a discussion a lot like this one (not too long ago actually). Have a lingot! :)


Good job! I'm only on a two day streak (My record is about 120 - I'm aiming for more). Just try to get in a routine and make sure to always have a streak freeze in place.


Congrats! A trick I've used is to never do a lesson when you're tired. I do my lessons at any time of day, as long as I feel attentive and awake. Happy learning!


When you do your streaks, how long do you spend with practicing each day? I have just started with a program where I want to practice every day for one year - 30 minutes new lessons - 30 minutes practice. I don't know if it is enough


I think consistency is the key. One hour seems already a lot to commit to every day. You don't want to burn yourself out, either. Perhaps find other ways of passive learning like listening to Spanish TV or songs to supplement the active learning. Good luck!


I listen to Spanish radio. often not sure what they're saying,but I catch a little more every week.


SethCorttus, I don't really measure by time but by XP. On average, I do more than 200 XP a day.


well done, I just lost my 120 day streak...fairly ironic as I did some Spanish on Mondly and had listened to two episode of coffee break Spanish while mowing the lawn...But forgot to duo lingo. while I am here give the coffee break Spanish pod casts a try ...they go between 14 min and 20 mins.


Haha I lost my 120 day streak a while ago and it killed my motivation. Don't give up! I'm giving it another try.


Don't forget to activate streak freeze if you have the lingots! gave you one to help


Congratulations! I find if I'm trying to remember to do something every day, I put a daily alarm on my phone. I do it for all sorts of things! Good luck on the next 30!


Hahaha, so nice man what about something bigger, like 1 year practice. Why you decide to learn spanish language, ¿Do u like it?



I decided to learn Spanish because my Abuela is Mexican and I want to be able to converse with her in her dominant language. Y si, amo Espanol!


What I don't get how is the 7 - Day- Streak supposed to work does it mean a) You do your set XP points like 30 or 50 every day from like Monday to Sunday or b) Do you have to reach like the double of Xp points for each day you bet on a streak ? c) Did I tottally miss the point and could someone explain me how it supposed to work an if I learn on English layout which time zone Duo is in ?

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