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  5. "QI qIj tItI'!"

"QI qIj tItI'!"

Translation:Repair the black bridges!

July 20, 2018



It's a little bit annoying that Duolingo maintains the post count in a forum thread when posts have been deleted. To compensate those of you who clicked on this otherwise empty thread I will tell you a story of QI.

Years ago I wrote a novel in Klingon, trying to 'go there' for just about every sphere of endeavour and use the language for everything. Someone asked me afterwards what the most difficult things to say were. The only thing I'd ended up wholly unsatisfied with was the way I'd had to describe a suspension bridge:

tugh bIQtIq HeH lupawpu'. latlh HeH SIchmeH, bIQtIq HeHmey rartaHbogh ravHomDaq yItnIS. Sor Hap 'ay'mey rarbogh tlheghmey 'oH. bIQtIq HeHmey jojDaq HuStaH ravHom Qutlhbogh tlheghmey. 'uchmeH yItwI', ravHom Don latlh tlheghmey. cha' 'ujmey juch ravHom 'ej jav 'uj'a' 'aD. jenmo' bIQtIq bIQ, DaHjaj ravHom botlh, bIQtIq je chev loS 'uj neH. jaQ bIQ. bIQtIq bIS'ub leghlaHbe' 'eSSIm.

('eSSIm is the name of a person in the story)

It just seemed like something there ought to be a word for. I'm not sure who asked me the question, but not long afterwards the word QI appeared in the vocabulary.

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