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Active learners of Esperanto!

There's a post about changing the numbers of learners to active learners. If you haven't seen it, please read to understand my joy!


There are over 400K active learners of Esperanto on Duolingo! That is such amazing news. Many of us were afraid the number was inflated by people clicking Esperanto thinking it's Español. This tells us that a lot of people still do an occasional lesson here (or they wouldn't be counted). I just wonder how active you must be to be included. I haven't done an Esperanto lesson in a month or two. Was I counted?

Thoughts? Complaints? ;)

July 20, 2018



The announcement says "active in the last year" - which to me means they logged in ONCE in the last year. The next question is whether they have to log into to the Esperanto course to be active, or whether they just need to log into Duolingo for ALL their courses to be active?

Looking at the relative sizes of the courses, only 0.1% of people who intend to sign up for Español need to select Esperanto by mistake for a decent chunk of the 403K "active learners" to be in that category.

I also see something similar on HiNative where people who are on the site to learn other languages pop over to Esperanto to ask how to say "hello" or "I love you" (to the point where these are the most common questions) and if we counted all of these unique users in the past year, we would have a large number of "active users" but only a small number of people actually learning.

Some people in the thread have asked for clarifications that would shine some light here, but I have not seen a response. The new numbers are less inflated, but still not really all that helpful.


Looking at the comments on the intro level, there are people who have commented in the last few months who are now at level 4 to 8 -- so they've stuck around and learned a bit. I see some new comments at the level I'm currently working at, too, and not all of them people like me, who decided to work on the new material. I'd be willing to bet there's nothing like 400K really doing the course. Going by the comments, possibly 500? Maybe more if we assume some people never or hardly ever comment.

I don't have a sense of how many lurkers there would be -- people are so much more used to social media than they used to be.


Mi sciiĝas pri duolingo kiam mi komencas lerni esperanton.


Ĉu vi legis la ligilon? Ili diras aktive dum la lasta jaro. Jen vere bona novaĵo. Mi ne atendis pli ol kvarono, efektive nur 10%.


I missed the year part. That's good to know.


I think it shows a more accurate amount of people who are dedicated to learning versus people who stopped using Duolingo, which makes it easier for me to see who is active in Duolingo's community. In order to be classified as active, you'd probably need to do 1-3 lessons in a week, but that's my guess. It makes me so happy to see the Esperanto learning community grow!

Edit: I just read the official discussion, which says you have to be active within the last year. Thank you, Alpengluehen, for bringing this to my attention.


I would like to know how many people are past a certain level or have completed the tree. We know how many people are currently interested but it would be nice to see how effective it has been so far.


According to duome.eu/eo, 23% of users have finished the tree, although people who have connected their data there are probably more committed, and thus the overall numbers are very likely lower.

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