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  5. "You are living alone."

"You are living alone."

Translation:Vous vivez seul.

March 27, 2013



why is 'seule' also correct? And shouldn't it be 'seuls' as vous is pleaural?


I have already answered this question.

Since "you" can mean "tu" or "vous" singular or "vous" plural, + the fact that "you" can be feminine or masculine, all of the following translations are possible, in theory (ie in the absence of a relevant context):

  • tu vis seul
  • tu vis seule
  • vous vivez seul
  • vous vivez seule
  • vous vivez seuls
  • vous vivez seules.


The first time I got this question, I wrote "Vous vivez seul" but it marked me wrong and corrected it to "seules."

The second time, I wrote "Vous vivez seules" but it marked me wrong and corrected it to "seule."

Quite strange...


Thank you Sitesurf. So all adjectives, alone, clean, small, big, nice etc can be etc can be masculine or feminine, correct? It's only names of objects and things that are either feminine or masculine, e.g lion, elephant, glass etc?


All adjectives have to agree in gender and number with the noun they modify, so you have to memorize the gender of each noun you learn to be able to apply that rule accordingly.


"Demeurer" is wrong!!!!


I do get confused as to when to use 'seul' and seule!


Please re. 2nd post on this thread.

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