"Excuse me, sir, are there any cafés around here?"

Translation:Perdone, señor, ¿hay algún café por aquí?

4 months ago



I am confused because in English the question said cafes, plural, so why is cafes (plural) wrong in Spanish? Please explain.

4 months ago


This might be wrong because I am still learning this, too, but I think it's singular because you're talking about a singular cafe in this case. Like, you're asking for any one of the cafes out of the cafes around, not asking for multiple cafes. Also, I think if it was plural, like "¿Hay algúnos cafés por aquí?" it would mean something like "Are there some cafes around here?" In this case, you're asking if there's multiple cafes around, not just any specific one, so it would be plural.

2 weeks ago


Won't someone just tell me where I can get a cup of coffee?

5 days ago


I don't see why I can't use the plural "cafes" ?

4 months ago


DL seems to be worse and worse in this respect. Would the reviewers please address this issue.

3 months ago


Perdóneme, señor, hay algunas cafes por aquí? was not accepted by DL Can someone give me the reason why? Thanks

4 months ago


the English sentence asks about cafes (plural) yet my translation is marked wrong because I used the plural in Spanish. What's up?

1 month ago
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