"यह किताब नयी है।"

Translation:This book is new.

July 21, 2018

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Am I the only one who hears this sentence as "this is not a book"? Lol. I'll never be able to hear the difference without the text in front of me!


The recording sounds a bit off. (Let's leave aside the messed up यह for now.) Somehow, the cadence of the voice on है sounds weird.

Assuming that were "fixed": There are some little ways to hear the difference.

नहीं है : 1) In well-spoken Hindi it will have a clear "H" pronounced; 2) The है will often be dropped; 3) There is more of an emphasis on the second syllable of नहीं, whereas in नयी it is more on the first syllable.


Would "This is a new book" also be correct?


यह एक नयी किताब है


Won't यह किताब नई है be better? There are different forms of "new" for genders. नई f. नया m. नए m.pl. Is नयी also correct for f.?


य is sometimes dropped from the end of words when its vowel is ई। नयी और नई are the same, just different spellings.


It's inconsistent spelling.

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