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  5. "Vivez-vous seule ?"

"Vivez-vous seule ?"

Translation:Do you live alone?

March 27, 2013



Shouldn't seuls/seules be correct too?


Since "you" can mean "tu" or "vous" singular or "vous" plural, + the fact that "you" can be feminine or masculine, all of the following translations are possible, in theory (ie in the absence of a relevant context):

  • tu vis seul
  • tu vis seule
  • vous vivez seul
  • vous vivez seule
  • vous vivez seuls
  • vous vivez seules.


if you agree that 'seules' is acceptable why have I been marked wrong for it?


You shouldn't have been. :( I hope you reported it. I can't tell if it's been fixed because I just put 'seul'.


French has a marked preference for the masculine gender. Although Duo is inconsistent in this regard, it will sometimes mark you wrong for using the feminine gender if context does not clearly indicate its application.

They will never mark you wrong for using masculine when the gender is mixed or unclear.


seule or seul mostly. i think the line is most possibly used to address an individual.


Grammatically, you could use seul, seule, seuls, or seules. But since you are asking someone "do you live alone?", it seems more natural that one would use the singular seul/seule here.


You can ask several people if they all live alone, apart though, no?


Is it not customary to use the verb 'habiter' (rather than 'vivre') in contexts regarding one's home?


I shouldn't have been marked wrong for typing "Vivez-vous seules?" Using the exact noun, verb, and adjective in just a few examples before this one, the exercise says "Vous vivez seules." Now they're telling me I'm wrong and that it should be "seule". I thought the 's' on the end was silent. How was I supposed to know this?

reporting this as an error


You are right to report it and we should report it until all 6 possible translations are accepted as correct (from English to French).


I think vivez sounds like vivie. Is it right?


It should sound more like 'vee-vay'


viveh (no diphthong - short sounds)


I don't get it. Does seul and seule sound different? If so, is such difference distinguishable in duolingo's set voice?


"seul, seule, seuls and seules" all sound the same exactly.

In real life, you would know if the person is a man or a woman (with "tu" or polite "vous"), or men or women (plural "vous").

If you get this exercise in dictation, Duo will accept all alternative versions.


I wrote exactly that and it said I got it wrong.


Do you live alone?

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